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Frontiers Research Topic - Women in Plant Science: Redox Biology of Plant Abiotic Stress 2022    
Editied by: Laura De Gara, Maria C. Romero-Puertas, Christine H. Foyer, Sabine Lüthje, and Ana Zabalza.

Plant-based Foods: Seed, Nutrition and Human Health   
Special issue editied by Sabine Lüthje, Renu Deswal, and Ganesh Kumar Agrawal.
A collection of papers related to INPPO2014 "Plant Proteomics: Methodology to Biology".
ResearchTopic INPPO2014
Frontiers Research Topic - INPPO World Congress 2014
Edited by: Joshua L. Heazelwood, Jesús V. Jorrin-Novo, Ganesh Kumar Agrawal, Silvia Mazzuca and Sabine Lüthje
242,491 views (August 2020)
In total, 143 participants from 38 countries and six continents attended to INPPO2014, the first World Congress on Plant Proteomics. The meeting was hosted by the Universität Hamburg (Germany) under the leadership of Sabine Lüthje (Oxidative Stress and Plant Proteomics Group). One third of the attendees were students. Each of the 11 Sessions were opened by an invited expert. Students were supported by 11 student travel grants and two poster awards. Grantees came from Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Spain and Portugal. Researchers from developing countries were supported by free participation, free accomodation or support to travel costs, thanks to our sponsors!

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